University Programs in Co-operatives

An up-to-date list of certificate and degree programs in Canada specializing in co-operatives.
Program name Institution website Program Details
Master’s in Business Administration in Community Economic Development Cape Breton University 45 credits (15 half courses) and an Applied Research Project (3 credits) under the supervision of two faculty advisors.
Master of Management, Co-operatives and Credit Unions Saint Mary’s University 42 credit-hour program designed to be completed in less than 3 years. It consists of a mand‌atory face-to-face orientation week, online courses, a study tour, and 6 credit research project.
Graduate Diploma in Co-operative Management Saint Mary’s University 21 credit-hour program designed to be completed in 20 months and consists of a mandatory face-to-face orientation, online courses, and a 3 credit research project
Co-operative Management 101: Bilingual Package of Courses Saint Mary’s University and Université de Sherbrooke The Co-operative Management Education efforts at Saint Mary’s University and IRECUS (a co-operative education and research institute) at Université de Sherbrooke are building a partnership. The first joint initiative is a bilingual package of courses offered between September 2013 and June 2014.
Maîtrise en gestion et gouvernance des coopératives et des mutuelles (Masters in Management and Governance of Co-operatives and Mutuals) Institut de recherche et d’éducation pour les coopératives et les mutuelles de l’Université de Sherbrooke (IRECUS) This 10 month full time program (also offered part-time online) aims to train co-operators to be able to work in all sectors of the economy, build their professional competencies and entrepreneurial knowledge.
Master of Business Administration (MBA) – full time with internship and mentoring – with a management path of co-operatives and mutuals Université de Sherbrooke This 16 month program (three training sessions over 12 months and 4 months paid internship) includes traditional MBA courses pertaining to marketing and leadership, as well as co-operative-focused courses on co-operative value, international co-operative development and co-operative personnel management. The program will first be offered in the fall of 2015.
Programme court de deuxième cycle en gestion des entreprises sociales et collectives (Certificate) Université du Québec à Montréal This program offers specialized training for professionals to serve or who are already managers or directors in organizations and businesses with a social mission and a collective structure – cooperatives, non-profit organizations ( NPOs) , nongovernmental organizations ( NGOs) , community organizations, foundations.
Maitrises en administration des affaires – Entreprises collectives (MBA with a specialization in collective enterprises) Université du Québec à Montréal This program is designed for practicing executives who have a solid management experience in the field of social and collective enterprises, which combine business management, social mission, democracy, solidarity and cooperation. 45 credit program taken full time or part-time over two years.
Co-operative Management Certificate Program Ontario Co-operative Association and York University The Co-operative Management Certificate Program (CMC) is a results-driven and practical 6-month co-operative learning experience with three key components: classroom-based Intensive Sessions, e-Learning modules and Webinar broadcasts.
Interdisciplinary Graduate Program: Concentration in Co-operative Studies University of Saskatchewan A Concentration in Co-operative Studies is available within the Interdisciplinary Program of the College of Graduate Studies and Research for students whose research concerns co-operatives. .
Graduate Certificate in the Social Economy and Co-operatives University of Saskatchewan The certificate consists of three courses (9 credits) where students have some options to choose their courses from a pre-selected list (relating to policy, sustainability, governance, public service and leadership in the social economy and co-operatives). The program was created in 2014 and is offered in-person.
Certificate Program for Community Economic Development  Simon Fraser University 8-month part-time program with 2, week-long on-campus residencies including study tours as well as web-conference classes. The program focus is on increasing proficiency of the application of most effective models (including co-operatives) and tools for local living economies.