We are excited to unveil a new project for the CCRN website. This is intended to be a way to bring together research about important topics relating to co-operatives into one place.The first stage of this is  a pilot project on the subject of “Indigenous Co-operatives in Canada”. These documents are meant to provide a starting point for researchers by bringing together literature reviews, anthologies, and case studies surrounding a specific topic. It will help identify gaps in the research while providing some practical and crucial knowledge of the subject itself. These documents are meant to be open and we hope that you, as members of the CCRN, will contribute links to any relevant resources on these subjects.

The topic of this project, Indigenous Co-operatives in Canada was one of particular importance to co-operative research. The co-operative sector has a unique relationship with Canadian indigenous communities. Organizations such as Arctic Co-operatives show us how crucial co-operative businesses are to the economic structure in some indigenous communities. Additionally, most of the literature will show that there is a strong link between co-operative values and indigenous economic systems. We hope that you find this information interesting and useful!

In the future, we hope to be able to provide a greater variety of these projects. Please let us know if there are any topics that you find important, relevant, and in need of further research.

Check out the new literature review here.