Ana María Peredo


Ana María Peredo is a Professor of Sustainable Entrepreneurship and International Business in the Gustavson School of Business at the University of Victoria and Director of the Centre for Co-operative & Community-Based Economy (CCCBE).

Ana María’s research explores the role of business in fostering sustainable communities, especially among poor and disadvantages peoples. She has published an impressive number of articles in leading academic journals, as well as chapters in important research anthologies on community-based enterprises, indigenous entrepreneurship and social entrepreneurship. In just the last five years, she has made more than 40 presentations and lectures in academic and community settings, nationally and internationally.

Her pioneering work introduced the concept of community-based enterprise to the academic business literature. Her article in one of our top journals, the Academy of Management Review, is a seminal piece that elaborates this approach to entrepreneurship and the generation and regeneration of economic activity in otherwiseimpoverished communities around the world. Her publications there and elsewhere on this subject have had a large impact, including new sessions dedicated to “communitybased enterprise” in major academic business meetings as well as special issues devoted to the subject announced by Entrepreneurship and Regional Development International and the Journal of Innovation and Regional Development

Ana María’s commitment to engaging business educators in thinking about management education in relation to the problems of poverty was recognized in her invitation to be guest editor for a special issue of the Journal of Management Education as well as numerous educator awards.

Dr. Peredo has collaborated in attracting several grants to promote research into the potential role of enterprise among impoverished indigenous as well as non-indigenous peoples. She has been recognized on a global scale for her scholarship and commitment to the cause of poverty studies, entrepreneurship at the community level, and sustainable economic activity. She has been invited to exclusive conferences to present her work. She has been honoured by invitations from prestigious universities (e.g., Oxford, Cambridge, Michigan) to present her ideas.

Dr. Peredo has won a number of awards for her work: 2012 Academy of Management Best Paper on International Business, the 2011 Western Academy of Management Outstanding Service Award, Nominated by the Faculty of Business for the 2011 University of Victoria Craigdarroch Award for Research Communication, the 2008 Canadian Bureau for International Education Leadership Award, 2008 Finalist for the Aspen Institute Center for Business Education Academic Faculty Pioneer Award, the 2007 Western Academy of Management Ascendant Scholar Award, and a 2007 Visiting Fellowship at the Global Poverty Research Group at the University of Oxford.

Ana María Peredo

Ana María Peredo

Director of the Centre for Co-operative and Community-Based Economy

Name: Ana María Peredo
Institution: University of Victoria
Phone: 250-472-4435