David Daughton

Current research interests:

  • Co-operative Development Training
  • Food
  • Determinants of Health
  • Health Equity
  • Co-operative Succession Planning
  • Public Legal Education & Information.

Contact me for:

  • Partnership on a project
  • Inquiries about internship options,
  • Sharing information via the CoopZone Legal Network http://coopzone.coop/en/legal_network/
  • (Je peux communiquer en français si désiré.)


After helping to start peer support co-operatives at the University of York, U.K., David worked with natural food co-ops in Quebec and Ontario before joining the housing arm of Co-op Atlantic, eventually moving on to the Regional Co-operative Development Centre where he led the development of an Atlantic Region youth internship program.

David has worked as the principal co-operative developer in PEI and NB, helping to form dozens of new co-operatives and assisting many established co-ops. From 2005 to 2011, David served as a community researcher in the Atlantic Social Economy & Sustainability Research Network CURA, also working on the evaluation team, and contributing to a chapter of the CURA’s book.

Daughton is the elected President of Canada’s “CoopZone Developers’ Network Co-op”www.coopzone.coop where he helped develop curriculum for Canada’s first distance education course for Co-op Developers. He has also played a lead role in establishing the CoopZone Legal Network, Canada’s first national network for lawyers and legal information professionals who work with co-operatives. As a food activist, David has run restaurants and cafés in the UK, the USA and Canada, taught cooking classes, consulted on food businesses, and has cooked for celebrities from ABBA to Zappa, and from Michio Kushi to Benji the Dog.

David Daughton

David Daughton

CoopZone Developers’ Network

Name: David Daughton
Institution: CoopZone Developers’ Network
Phone: 902-626-7399
Email:  ddaughton@gmail.com