Ellen Goddard

Current research interests:

Research on changes in market structure when co-ops exit or enter particular sectors – mostly agricultural and food co-ops.
Also work on consumer preferences for foods, technologies and production attributes – including preferences for products produced by co-ops and work on farmer adoption of new technologies – developing and developed countries.

Research topics:

  • Market power in food and agricultural markets
  • Advertising and social media impact on producer and consumer decision making
  • Role of co-ops in current agriculture and food markets

Research methodologies:

  • Econometrics
  • Survey analysis
  • Stated preference or choice experiments

Contact me for:

Anything to do with ag marketing research or teaching.


University of Alberta profile.

Ellen Goddard

Ellen Goddard

Professor, University of Alberta

Name: Ellen Goddard
Institution: University of Alberta
Phone: (780) 432-4224
Email: ellen.goddard@ualberta.ca