M. Karthikeyan

Current research interests:

  • Cooperatives & Social Enterprises
  • Impact & evaluation studies
  • CSR & social auditing
  • Livelihoods
  • Governance & leadership
  • limate change and coops.

Research topics:

  • Social audit of agricultural coops in Ambo District of Ethiopia.
  •  Indicators of good governance in WISE SACCOs in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
  •  Social Audit of Oromia Coffee Coop Union, Ethiopia
  •  Assessment of leadership style of cooperative leaders in SNNPR State, Ethiopia
  •  Cooperative leadership and social innovation
  •  Social Statement Approach in Cooperatives – A case of Lume Adama Coop Union, Ethiopia

Research methodologies:

  • Case study
  • Assessment, evaluative, descriptive, using econometric models, etc.

Contact me for: 

  • Partner in coop devt projects
  • Masters thesis
  • Ph.D supervising


Abridged CV of Dr.M.Karthikeyan

  • Professional Information
    Academic Qualifications :
    Ph.D in Cooperative Management
    Gandhigram University, India
    M.A in Cooperative Management
    Gandhigram University, India
    M.B.A, (HR) Tamilnadu Open University, India
  • Technical Qualification: Expertise in Statistical Package for Social Sciences (SPSS).
    Teaching & Research Experience: 16 years
    Specialization: Cooperatives, Management, MIS, AIS, Entrepreneurship, Marketing, Auditing, Social Enterprises, CSR, Coop A/c
    Participation in scientific
    deliberations: 63 (International 17)
    Research Projects (undertaken &
    Associated): 21 Completed
  • Research Guidance
    a. Advisor, Undergraduate project works at Gandhigram Rural University, India.
    b. Research Advisor, Undergraduate & Post Graduate level thesis, Ambo University, Ethiopia.
    c. Ph.D Awarded & ongoing: Awarded 3 & ongoing 3
  • Publications
    a. Course materials: 20
    b. Distance Module: 17
    c. Training Modules: 6
    d. Course Curriculum Developed: 8
    e. Books: 25 + 2 E-books (www.lulu.com)
    f. Books In Press: 18 Text Books based on Ethiopian        University
    Curriculum Authored & Co-authored accepted for publication
    g. Articles/Papers: 39 (11 International / Foreign Journals)


Dept of Cooperatives, ICDS, Ambo University, Ethiopia

Name: M.Karthikeyan
Institution: Dept of Cooperatives, ICDS, Ambo University, Ethiopia
Phone: +251-919345744
Email: mkeya2003@gmail.com