Marcelo Vieta

Current research interests:

  • Worker-recuperated enterprises and worker cooperatives.
  • Alternative social and economic organizations.
  • The social and solidarity economy.
  • Community economic development.
  • The cooperative movements of Argentina, Italy, Cuba, and Canada.
  • The sociology of work and organizations.
  • Workplace and organizational learning.
  • Philosophy of technology.

Current Research Projects: 

  • The experiences, socioeconomic contexts, and enabling environments of worker buyouts or takeovers of investor-owned or proprietary firms in crisis and their conversion to worker cooperatives in Argentina, Italy, and in other conjunctures.
  • The development of new cooperatives in Canada.
  • The role of worker coops and other social economy organizations for overcoming and moving beyond the perpetual crisis of capital.
  • Alternative economic development and autogestión (self-management).
  • The completion of my forthcoming book, to be published in 2014: There’s No Stopping the Workers: Crisis, Autogestión, and Argentina’s Worker-Recuperated Enterprises (Leiden, The Netherlands: Brill)

Research Topics: 

  • Sociology of work and organizations.
  • The social and solidarity economy.
  • Workplace and organizational learning.
  • Experiments in community pedagogy.
  • Critical and alterantive development.
  • Political economy of Argentina.
  • Historical materialism.
  • Sociological phenomenology.
  • Critical theory and the Frankfurt School.
  • Media, technology, and communication studies.

Research methodologies:

  • Qualitative research methods (especially in industrial settings and worker cooperatives).
  • Extended case studies.
  • Ethnographic and participant observation methods.
  • Interviewing and focus groups.
  • Survey design, implementation, and analysis.
  • Political economic analysis.
  • Phenomenological methods.
  • Participatory action research.

Contact me for:

  • To partner on projects.
  • If you are interested in worker buyouts and workplace conversions, worker cooperatives, and alternative economic arrangements more broadly.
  • If you would like to be a part of a cross-national research network on worker buyouts and workplace recuperations by workers, see
  • If you are interested in discussing and sharing notes on the history and theories of self-management, autogestión, cooperation, workers’ control, alternative economics, or critical development studies.


Marcelo Vieta

Marcelo Vieta

Assistant Professor

Name: Marcelo Vieta
Institution: The Social Economy Centre (OISE/Univerity of Toronto) and European Research Institute on Cooperative and Social Enterprises (EURICSE) (Trento, Italy)
Phone: +1.416.854.4507