Sara Elder

Current research interests:

  • Sara Elder is a PhD Student and SSHRC Fellow at the Institute for Resources, Environment & Sustainability.
  • She is interested in issues at the intersection of global economics, community development and the environment.
  • Her current research examines the rise in private governance of agrifood supply chains in Nicaragua and the consequences for smallholder farmer food and nutrition security and environmental sustainability.
  • This work is supported by a UBC Four-Year Fellowship, a SSHRC Doctoral Fellowship, an IDRC Doctoral Award, and a CASC Scholarship.

Research topics:

  • Sara holds an MA in Resource Management & Environmental Studies (2010), where she studied the effects of Fair Trade certification on the livelihoods of Rwandan coffee producers, and a BA in International Relations (2004) from the University of British Columbia.
  • Her professional experience includes international development work with communities in Canada, Rwanda, Kenya, Tanzania, South Africa, and Bolivia.

Research methodologies:

Sara employs mixed-methods in her research, combining in-depth qualitative interviews with quantitative household surveys.


Sara Elder

Sara Elder

Ph.D Candidate, University of British Columbia

Name: Sara Elder
Institution: University of British Columbia