Steve Green

Current research interests:

  • MA in Interdisciplinary Studies
  • Sociological barriers to cooperative development or participation
  • Cooperatives
  • Community gardening and urban agriculture
  • Farmers markets
  • Environmental concerns (invasive species, plastics in great lakes, city water run-off pollution/ GLIER).

Research topics:

Community Gardens as a Catalyst for Social Change

Research methodologies:

  • Data collection
  • Interviewing and transcripts
  • Research presentations

Contact me for:

Partnering in projects and research (I am in Windsor Essex, Ontario)


I am the Network Coordinator for the Windsor Essex County Community Garden Collective, an organic urban farmer, GM of the Downtown Windsor Farmers Market, activist, and community animator. I run community gardens and develop urban agriculture projects in my region. I run a Chicken Cooperative, as well. Also, I hate writing biographies.

Steve Green

Steve Green

Athabasca University

Name: Steve Green
Institution: Athabasca University
Phone: 519-996-9157