Taylor McLeod

Current research interests:

  • Fostering fair and sustainable communities
  • Co-operatives and social enterprise
  • Crowd-sourcing & crowd-funding
  • Open source & open data
  • Collaborative consumption
  • Building trust and counteracting the negative influences of the the pursuit of profit.

Research topics:

Undergraduate student in economics and environmental studies

Research methodologies:

Exploring various methodologies

Contact me for:

I enjoy imagining and deploying innovative solutions to assure long-term economic, social, democratic, and environmental well-being.


I am a 4th  student of Economics and Environmental Studies majoring at the University of Victoria.  Over the past five years, I have founded , directed, and served as an executive member of many student volunteer organizations working towards a better world.  It has been these experiences I’ve gained outside of the classroom that I have grown from and that set me apart now.

Taylor McLeod

Taylor McLeod


Name: Taylor McLeod
Institution: University of Victoria
Phone: 418 681 9382
Email: taylor.mcleod@gmail.com