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Call for Papers: CASC Special Issue of the Review of International Co-operation

CASC is putting together a Special Issue of the Review of International Co-operation, and invites you to submit your papers. We welcome papers from scholars, students, researchers, and practitioners that fit this year’s conference theme of “Co-operative strength in diversity: voices, governance, and engagement”.

The deadline for submission is December 1st, 2018. Please see the Call for Papers below for full details.

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 Call for Papers
Co-operative Strength in Diversity: Voices, Governance, and Engagement

Co-operative enterprises involve diverse groups of individuals gathering and working toward a common goal. Research has shown that this diversity of voices, backgrounds, and perspectives comes with challenges, but can also be a significant strength for co-operatives. This co-operative advantage can be maximized in cases where governance structures enable inclusive and meaningful engagement from members. In this Special Issue of the Review of International Co-operation, we will reflect upon the interplay of diversity, inclusion, and social justice with co-operative enterprises in Canada and beyond. Guest editors of the Special Issue are Fiona Duguid, Sara Elder, Isobel Findlay, Judith Harris, and Derya Tarhan.

Paper Topics

We invite papers on any of the following broad themes. Please note that papers on other topics involving co-operatives and co-operation are also welcome.

  • Co-operatives and social inclusion/justice
  • Co-operatives and Indigenous communities
  • Co-operative governance and member engagement
  • Co-operatives and environmental sustainability
  • Co-operatives and the Sustainable Development Goals
  • The political economy of co-operatives
  • Co-operative media and publishing
  • Building a co-operative movement: Local to global

Submission Guidelines

We welcome papers from scholars, students, researchers, and practitioners submitted before December 1st, 2018. Papers should not exceed 8,000 words. Paper template and referencing should follow the APA style guide. All papers are subject to peer review. Please submit your paper online using this link.

For inquiries, please contact


Canadian Association for Studies in Co-operation (CASC) is a multidisciplinary network of researchers and practitioners whose work involves co-operatives and co-operation, broadly understood to include, but not limited to, Fair Trade, Social Economy organizations, Solidarity Economies, and formal and informal alternative economic organizations governed by some significant degree of mutuality. Our mission is to promote research on co-operatives and co-operation in Canada, while facilitating linkages between academics, practitioners, and research organizations on an international scale.

New Publication: Empowering Electricity: Co-operatives, Sustainability and Power Sector Reform in Canada.

 From the description: “Canada is known for being an energy-producing nation – with much attention being paid to the Alberta tar sands and their large carbon footprint. This book looks at a very different part of the Canadian energy sector: the hundreds of renewable energy co-ops that have sprung up across the nation. These co-ops are democratically structured, community-based organizations that use sun, wind, rivers, tides, and plant and animal waste as sources of local power generation.

Empowering Electricity offers an illuminating analysis of these co-ops within the context of larger debates over climate change, renewable electricity policy, sustainable community development, and provincial power-sector ownership. It looks at the conditions that led to this new wave of co-operative development, examines their form and location, and shines a light on the promises and challenges accompanying their development.”

Keep an eye out for this exciting new piece in the upcoming weeks!

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New Publication: Co-ops and Universities

The University of Saskatchewan’s Center for the Study of Co-operatives has recently published Brett Fairbairns piece “Co-ops and Universities: Some Reflections.” Fairbairn notes the growing importance of a university education in the Candian economy and how co-operatives and universities can develop mutually-beneficial partnerships.

Read more here.

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